Who are we?


Say It Aloud simply started with friends who love chatting !

Enjoying debating until sunrise, they thought Toulouse School of Economics absolutely needed a Debating Society where every student could share their beliefs on whichever topics they wanted! They thought setting up regular conferences could also be a way to open the debate on subjects hardly known by students.

Founded in 2014 Say It Aloud is the forum for exchanging ideas. It proposes debates and public speaking workshops, and organises conferences on various themes.

As Say It Aloud calls for open-mindedness and curiosity. Therefore, in order to move in this direction, we have three main activities, related between them :

We organise public speaking workshops led by a coach or our members who train students for future competition. Beyond this goal, the aim is to help students gain confidence and teach them how they can manage stress when speaking in front of public. It’s the key for convincing the audience ! If you have confidence and eloquence, you’ll win all your debates ! The impact you make with your look, voice and selfconfidence is huge, don’t forget it !


These debates can be in English or French and allow participating students to express their opinions on a specific subject. Now that you’re confident, you can fight for your idea !
Through the Fédération française des débats et de l’Eloquance (FFDE), the association will compete with other French universities and schools during a national debating championships.

We also set up conferences on various topics led by members where special speakers are invited to speak and debate over selected subject. Say It Aloud conferences are interactive as they feature at least two speakers and are conducted through many questions and answers. From hypnosis as an alternative medecine to the opportunities and consequences of the Transatlantic Free Trade Area’s topic, we choose to vary our subjects and to make it relevant regarding the twenty first century.


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